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This should be tab-delimited text file resulting from statistical analysis at feature level. One feature per line. First four columns are in required order: m/z, retention time, p-value, statistic score. See example data in the next panel.

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Mummichog searches for enrichment patterns on metabolic network, bypassing metabolite identification, to generate high-quality hypotheses directly from a LC-MS data table.

Format of input file (right click to save an example):

m/z retention time p-value statistic
85.0278 59 0.002657 -3.55
85.0472 124 0.730810 -0.35
85.0653 68 0.086509 1.83
85.1007 16 0.057916 -2.04
86.0595 67 0.076789 -1.89

Please cite this paper if you use mummichog: Li et al. (2013) Predicting network activity from high throughput metabolomics. PLoS computational biology 9.7 (2013): e1003123.

The author can be reached at shuzhao.li at Gmail.